The Highest Compliment…

I was speaking with a supplier of mine who was sharing with me what is going on in the construction industry.  He was lamenting that “things just aren’t what they used to be” and I rebutted that it’s probably a good thing they’re not.  What surprised me wasn’t that he was talking about the market conditions, but rather, what the industry is doing overall in regards to quality, consistency and even long-term business decisions.

It really all goes back to fully understanding what you’re getting when you spend your money.  And in most situations, people aren’t nearly as educated as they think, and they assume WAY too much.  On top of it, the representation they’re relying on to educate them, guide them, heck, protect them, doesn’t have the knowledge either and that turns into the age-old “blind leading the blind”. 

Here’s one example; there’s a builder in town, been around a very long time and they have a very good reputation, and they’ve decided to try to compete with the lower-priced builders who have always done things “differently”.  They are now specifying items in a home that wouldn’t seem to make a difference, but in the long run will wear out sooner than later and frustrate these homeowners because they just don’t understand.  It’s not a difference that can be detected by the naked eye by most people but it can by someone who knows what to look for.  It’s expected in the lower end homes but not in the higher end homes and it’s a shame.  What they have done is lost their way and eventually it will catch up to them.

Why am I writing about this?  Simple, the supplier said “you really need to start building homes again to show people the right way to do it”.  That’s quite a compliment coming from someone in the industry; who’s actually been in the industry for over 25 years (since he was 16 actually) and has seen a lot come and go.  I love, love, love when a client (real estate, remodeling, building, renovating, consulting, whatever) refers me to a friend or colleague of theirs.  It is just as much a compliment – maybe more so? – when an industry insider refers me to someone.  Let’s face it, they’ve seen lots more than the average person.

So maybe you’re thinking about buying, building, remodeling, renovating, whatever.  Make sure you know what you’re getting when you sign the dotted line.  Need help?  Contact me and I’ll be happy to assist.

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