Tips For Selling Your Home in 2013

According to an article by Fox News, after years of declining home values, 2013 could be the year of the seller. Though the situation varies by region, we have seen some hope for sellers and the housing market over the past few months. 2013 might be your year to sell! Start planning, engaging professionals, and doing as much work as possible. You only have one chance to be “Just Listed” in this new market.
Here are three things you can do now to transition from homeowner to successful home seller

1. Know The Comps
One of the first people you will want to reconnect with is your real estate agent. Real estate agents generally pick up on trends or shifts in your particular neighborhood or market before the press or bloggers. Get on your agent’s radar as soon as possible. Start going to open houses to see what’s selling and to get a feel for values and how homes are being presented. It enables you to get ahead of the curve or learn from the mistakes of other sellers.

2. Have Your Property Inspected
Know what needs to be repaired in your home before you go on the market! Having your property inspected months in advance will allow you time to make a plane to get the big and small things repaired. If you can identify the problem up front, you can fix them for a lot less money than those repairs would get negotiated for down the road. Or, you can price your home factoring in the needed repairs.

3. Hire A Designer Or A Stager
Your real estate agent should have a good designer or stage they like to work with — someone who can help you start to view your home as a product to be marketed. This should be someone you reach out to once you have the place inspected and know the property’s condition. Based upon your real estate agent’s feedback, you may decide to engage in a designer or a remodel.

Like any major decision, selling a home takes a lot of planning, timing and consultation. Consulting with professionals and getting the facts in advance will help the process go a lot smoother, will help you make an informed decision and will most likely save you a lot of money when you sell.

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If you are looking to sell a home in Central Ohio, contact an experienced team…The Provident Team with RE/MAX Affiliates. We specialize in the Central Ohio real estate market and have many years of experience helping buyers and sellers with their next step.

Contact us! We would love to help.

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