6 Ways To Hide Speaker Wires

A sound system that is properly and strategically installed can transform any room or home into an entertainment paradise. Your movie-watching experience can be transformed with the proper placement of speakers (front and back of the room), but many homeowners are put off by the mess of wires that run along the floors and/or walls of the room. Exposed speaker wires can also be also be a hassle if you have pets or small children. So, from Realtor.com, here are some creative and effective ways to hide your speaker wires, allowing you to have the entertainment experience you want without the hassle of unsightly wires.

  1. You can fasten speaker wires to baseboards for a quick, easy solution to unsightly wires. Many home improvement stores have a section specifically dedicated to audio and video needs and often sell fasteners that are specifically designed to fasten wires tightly to baseboards. You can also opt for flat speaker wires, which will make fastening them to baseboards even easier.

  2. If the room has carpet, you can run the wires below the carpet to effectively hide them. Again, flat speaker wires are a good option because they will lay flat on the ground. If you decide to run wires under the carpet, be sure to avoid sharp objects like staples, tack strips, and nails which typically run along the wall and fasten the carpet to the floor.

  3. Hide wires behind baseboards. Between the baseboard and the wall there should be a small gap (close to the floor) which is typically the perfect size for hiding speaker wires. You’ll have to remove the baseboards, tuck wires into the gap, and then reinstall the baseboards. You’ll also need to drill entry and exit holes in the baseboards (for the wires to go in and come out).

  4. Run wires above a drop ceiling if you have one. To do this, simply run the speaker wire up the wall and into the area above the drop ceiling and move the tiles. Continue running the wires across the area above the drop ceiling to the rear of the room and replace the tiles for perfectly hidden wires.

  5. Realtor.com also recommends using a raceway to hide wires. A raceway is a flat plastic conduit with a back and cover plate that’s perfect for hiding wires. You secure the backplate to the wall using a peel-and-stick adhesive, position the wires in the raceway, and then secure the cover plate. Most people install the raceway right above the baseboards and then paint the raceway for a seamless look.

  6. Run speaker wires through the wall and/or ceiling. This can be a difficult DIY project, but ultimately offers the best-looking final results. Similar to the method of hiding wires behind baseboards, you’ll need to drill access holes into the drywall for the wires to enter and exit. Use a non-metallic fish tape to run the wires from the front to the back of the room. For achieving the best possible finish Realtor.com recommends installing speaker ports at each location. Be sure that you use UL-listed speaker wire and mark the wires to make them easily identifiable. This can be a difficult option because once the wires are run, it is very difficult to make changes if needed.

No matter how you choose to hide your speaker wires, be safe when uninstalling or reinstalling baseplates, carpet, etc. and, as always, be sure that you are comfortable working with electric wires.

To read the article from Realtor.com, click here!

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