Tips For Choosing Colors To Decorate Your Home

Choosing a color palette for your house can be a daunting task – so many colors, so little time! You want to choose a color scheme that reflects you and your family’s personality as well as sends the message you want your home to convey. Here are eight tips from HGTV to help you pick the best colors for your home:

  • Pick a color scheme from a patterned feature. Do you have a large patterned rug, printed curtains, or even a large piece of artwork? Select colors from a room’s feature to fill out an area.

  • Start with your formal areas. Begin with the color schemes of your large formal areas such as the living room, dining room, and entry way. Once you have those palettes set, pull accent colors from them to use modify slightly for other more private spaces. For example, a green sofa in the living room could be toned down to a forest green accent in, say, the den.

  • If you’re planning to sell your house, neutrals are your best bet. Neutrals help a buyer to envision the space as their own, allowing them to see your house as a blank canvas rather than forcing them to see around bold color schemes that may not appeal to their personal tastes.

  • Decorate from dark to light, starting at the floor. Begin with darker values at the floor, move into medium values at eye-level, the lighter colors towards the ceiling. This method replicates nature’s lighting – with darker values at the ground, medium with trees and buildings, and lighter skyward – and is a great fool-proof way to set up a color scheme.

  • Base your palette on you clothes. Study the predominant colors of your closet and build a color scheme around those themes. Most people gravitate towards colors of clothing that flatter them – the same concept works for your living areas.

  • Consult the color wheel – analogous color schemes, or colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel, are more casual and relaxed and make a good palette for relaxed, private spaces such as a bedroom.

  • Use the rule of 60-30-10. This rule dictates that color in a space is broken up into percentages: 60 percent of a dominant color, most likely the walls, 30 percent of a secondary color, usually the upholstery, and 10 percent of an accent color, like throw pillows. This rule makes sure color is balanced and adds interest with the shot of color in the 10 percent section.

  • Consult the architecture. Don’t go with the impulse to paint small rooms white to make them seem bigger – instead use a rich, warm color scheme to make a nurturing space. Bigger spaces can open up with light and smaller rooms do well with warmer schemes that make them cozier.

Whatever color scheme you choose, what’s important is that the palette appeals to you. No matter what colors you end up choosing, whether it’s the newest trendy coral or a simple eggshell white, your personal touches will be what really ends up making the space special. For more color tips and tricks and to read the full article, check out the HGTV article.


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