Home Cleaning Tips You May Not Know About


Who doesn’t want to save time when they are cleaning, or even clean less often? Here are a few tips you may not know about when it comes to cleaning your home.

Clean as you go. Don’t leave all your cleaning for one day because that will take forever. If you see something that needs to be dusted, do it, and then move on with your daily routine.

Use rice as a coffee grinder cleaner. Using rice will take away odors and clean out old grounds and oil! Afterwards, just discard the rice and wipe down your grinder.

Keep all of your supplies together. This makes it easier to get started cleaning because you don’t have to go looking for your supplies, they will all be in one place. A shower caddy that college students use in dorms is a holder!

Use Baby Oil as chrome polish. A little goes a long way and can work on surfaces from faucets to hubcaps. If you can not find a cleaning or polishing solution that works on your chrome accents in your home, try this!

Squeegee the shower. Doing this will save you scrubbing hours in the shower later on down the road working on soap scum and water spots. Also leave the shower door slightly open to promote airflow, therefore hindering mildew buildup.

Use the same system for every time you clean. Try starting in the same room every time you start to clean your house. Within each room start to the left of the doorway, move to the top, and continue moving clockwise until you cover every inch of the room. It will almost be like you’re on autopilot once you get into the swing of the routine. This system will keep things structured and help you prevent missing any spots or areas of each room.

Have you thought about any of these strategies before? Do you have a cleaning strategy or system that works for you? Share it in the comments below!

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