Ohio Landscaping Trends for 2014

Ohio Landscaping Trends for 2014 joel kahn remax1

Having up-to-date interior designs is only half of the battle for having a current home.  Although most of your time is probably spent indoors, don’t forget to consider your lawn and landscaping.  Keep some of the following outdoor design trends in mind when you decide it’s time to make your landscape as “in” as your house.

Seating and Dining Areas

As the warmer months start coming, the more time that you’ll want to spend outside.  Not to mention, the more you’ll want to spend time outside with friends, family, and other company.  However, it’s important to have more than standing room only.  Since outdoor entertaining is on the upswing, be sure to have some fixed areas to lounge, eat, or sit around with an acoustic guitar and sing the songs from your glory days.


Grills have been in and are here to stay.  Nothing beats the sentiment of grilling out with loved ones all around and the sun shining down.  If you haven’t invested in a grill, you should if you plan on having people over.

Outdoor Kitchens

Other than grills, outdoor kitchens are another popular place for food preparation.  While most of these kitchens are not as big as their indoor counterparts, they still feature the important components: bar seating, refrigerator, sinks, faucet, and counter space.  Since the focus of entertaining during warm months is shifting outdoors, it’s important to have a place to cook, clean, and store your cold ones without needing to run inside every five minutes.

Vegetable and Fruit Gardens

Vegetable and fruit gardens are no longer just something for people with grey hair and their yards.  As organic food and concern over where food actually comes from have become more prevalent, the desire for a kind of self-reliance has also become more popular.  Of course, you probably won’t be growing enough food to eliminate your trips to the super market altogether, but having some fresh tomatoes and lettuce for your cookouts is essential.  Even in the suburbs, small vegetable and fruit gardens are on the rise.


Teenagers and boy scouts aren’t the only ones who like to spend time by bonfires.  More and more families are investing in firepits to make their warm evenings even more comfortable.  If you are considering building a firepit, be sure to look up the fire codes in your community.  Even though firepits may be a hot trend, they may not be a good investment for you if codes are strict.

2014 has ushered in some new trends and others that are just gaining more popularity.  To ensure that your house is up-to-date, think about investing in these.  Just remember that trends come and go, so you should only invest in what you think you’ll want to stick around.

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