Benefits of Homeowners and Renters Insurance

Benefits of Homeowners and Renters Insurance - The Provident Team1

Benefits of Homeowners and Renters Insurance – Homeowners and Renters insurance are necessary to have. Some policies offer only $10 a month for renters insurance. While it may not seem like you need it, check out some of the benefits to having it!

Protection From Theft – Insurance can protect your valuables should someone break it. Whether it be a TV or collectables, insurance can help you replace what has been stolen. Your house may be under lock and key at all times, but the extra piece of mind is well worth it.

Protection From Fire – This one may be a bit more obvious, but insurance can help pay for the damage done to your home should there be a fire. This includes smoke damage and repairs, as well as replacing valuables.

Protection From Damages You Caused – A plan that includes liability will cover you should you cause damages to someone else’s home. For example if you cause a fire that spreads to your neighbor, you could be responsible for covering your damages. Homeowners and renters insurance can help cover you.

Protection From Visitors Injuries – While you may think this highly unlikely, you never know what could happen on your property. Liability coverage can help you pay for medical bills and damages should someone get hurt while in your home.

Additional Living Expenses – If your home is unsafe or too damaged to live in your policy could cover the additional costs to living elsewhere.

Emergency Home Repair Services – If you have a loss that is covered, many companies will help you find an Emergency Service Vendor or a local contractor to protect your home from future damage.

Multi-Policy Discount – Many insurance companies are now offering multi-policy discounts to bundle your home and car insurance. This makes for a hassle free option as well as some extra savings.

Keep these benefits in mind when considering if homeowners insurance and renters insurance are necessary for you. Do you have homeowners or renters insurance? Have you ever used your homeowners or renters insurance to cover something? Comment to share with us.

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